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August 31st updated about me

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Fall Out Boy | The Pros and Cons of Breathing

Stood on my roof and tried to see you forgetting about me
Hide the details, I don’t want to know a thing

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"My talents include sleeping and pretending that I’m doing okay." -“10 word story" series - #73 (via sassyfag)
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listening to Folie a Deux is no longer a hobby it is now a religious experience

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Tumblr changed the mobile app ergh adjusting to it sucks.

But my roommate did officially get kicked out… so I live alone now and I’m kind of freaked out already.

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kingwntz’s little promo!!



so im like really close to my next hundred and i thought why not do a promo


  • mbf me
  • has to reach at least 25 notes or this never happened
  • reblogs only
  • ends october 1st aka my birthday B))


  • best url 
  • best theme
  • best posts
  • best overall 

good luck everyone!!

one day left

keep reblogging!!

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La Dispute

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yes im going to college to major in pete wentz

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Pete leaping over Joe.

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Anonymous said: i rode a horse once. it ran off with me still on it because my voice wasn't authoritative enough to stop it; apparently i used to be rather soft-spoken. the trainer managed to stop the horse before we left the gates so no harm done buuut i still don't trust horses.

I know that feeling that’s why today was so impressive. The last time I was on a horse it almost backed into a ditch but I got on one today and it was pretty great.

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